Matthew M. Hannafin

Violin Maker in Glasgow, Scotland

This is a violin I made in the winter of 2016.  It's based on the "Grand Pattern" of Nicolò Amati.  The woods are well seasoned European spruce, and highly flamed maple for the neck, ribs, and one piece back.  The tone of the violin is very full and rich, with lots of power and presence.  It's easy to play with the bow close to the bridge, and it can develop a very powerful voice.  Most of the color on this violin comes from the deep brown ground layer.  The brownish red varnish is given a faded look, with typical wear spots being slightly lighter in color.

  • Length over back: 355mm
  • Lower bout: 203mm
  • Middle bout: 106mm
  • Upper bout: 164mm
  • Neck length: 130mm
  • Stop length: 195mm

Price £2,500