Matthew M. Hannafin

Violin Maker in Glasgow, Scotland

Violin repair and Sound Adjustment

I am pleased to offer a sound adjustment service to players of all skill levels. My approach is to listen to the player, discuss what is happening, and then play the instrument and get a feel for things.  In some cases, sound can be affected by defects in the instrument such as a warped bridge, cracked sound post, or pitted fingerboard, and repair work is then needed.  However, some instruments just require a little routine care and attention to get them sounding their best.  I have been playing violin for over twenty years, and continue to play in orchestras and ensembles.  I've worked on many instruments, and I always strive to get the most from each instrument.  It is always rewarding to watch a player reconnect with an instrument that needed restoration, or even just a small adjustment.

I provide free setups and adjustments to any instrument that I have made for its (or my) whole life, and I urge players to take them back to me, should the need for adjustments or repairs arise.

I'm happy to have musicians come by the studio with repairs, or just to have me look at their instrument to see if I can improve it.  General sound adjustment sessions start at £10 per hour.

In addition to offering sound adjustment and repairs, I also offer a bow re-hair service.

If you're interested to stop by my studio, please use the contact page to arrange an appointment.  You can also reach my mobile at +44 (0)753 536 1216.