Matthew M. Hannafin

Violin Maker in Glasgow, Scotland

This violin was finished up in the Spring of 2016.  It's an attempt at capturing some elements of Nicola Amati's work from 1650-1660.  It's made on the same mold as the Amati style violins I've made before, but with new templates made based on Nicola's scroll, and ff holes.  The recurve of the arches is very present, and the whole violin is very flexible and responsive.  The varnish is a deep brown color, and shown here in full sunlight the underlying color shines nicely.  Currently the instrument is for sale through David Folland just outside of Northfield, Minnesota.

Price is $3,500

  • Length over back: 355mm
  • Lower bout: 203mm
  • Middle bout: 106mm
  • Upper bout: 164mm
  • Neck length: 130mm
  • Stop length: 195mm